• Randy Stinson, President/CEO
  • Cassandra Webb, Interim Vice President of Academic Administration
  • Alanna Garden, Vice President of Student Services
  • Deanna Muncy, Vice President of Financial Administration


  • Edward Chicko, Associate Vice President of Academic Administration
  • Alice Southers, Registar
  • Cindy Fletcher, Director of Library and Technology Services 
  • Kayla Storms, Director of Professional Development
  • Miranda Blair, Librarian 
  • Michael Francis, Professional Development Associate
Student Services 
  • Missy Edens, Director of Admissions
  • Kaylyn Stewart, Director of Financial Aid 
  • Michael Webb, Director of Retention 
  • John Barker, Disability and Career Services Coordinator 
  • Simone Marsalis, Success Navigator 
  • Justin Wells, Success Navigator 

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