Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are current as of January 1, 2024 and are subject to change by The Millard College Board of Trustees and/or President without notice. Prior to the first week of start of the term is when full payment is due.
When completing the enrollment process all tuition and fees must be paid or arranged to be paid one week before the start of classes. All outstanding balances must be paid two weeks after class start. In the event that a student is unable to meet their financial obligations they will be removed from classes. Students are not eligible for graduation or to receive an official transcript from The Millard College until their balance is fulfilled.


Addiction and Recovery Studies I Certificate –  24 Credit Hours

    • $250 per credit hour

    • $85 Literature Fee per course

    • $40 Tech Fee per course

Addiction and Recovery Studies II Certificate – 16 Credit Hours 

    • $250 per credit hours
    • $85 Literature Fee per course 
    • $40 Tech Fee per course

Work Ready Certificate – 16 Credit Hours 

    • $250 per credit hour
    • $85 literature fee per course
    • $40 tech fee per course

Refund Policy

If a student officially withdrawals from a class they may be eligible for a refund. Failure to attend any given class is not the same as an official withdrawal. If the provided schedule is followed a student might be able to avoid or reduce their financial responsibility. When the Registrar receives the completed withdrawal the date will be granted at the official date of withdrawal. Refund percentages are as follows:

Existence of the Kentucky Student Protection Fund

In accordance to KRS 165A.450 all licensed schools, both resident and non-resident, must contribute to a student protection fund. The fund shall be used to reimburse eligible Kentucky students, to pay off debts, including refunds to students enrolled or on leave of absence by not being enrolled for one (1) academic year or less from the school at the time of the closing, incurred due to the closing of a school, discontinuance of a program, loss of license, or loss of accreditation by a school or program.

Process for Filing a Claim Against the Kentucky Student Protection Fund

To file a claim against the Kentucky Student Protection Fund, each person filing must submit a signed and completed Form for Claims Against the Student Protection Fund, Form PE-38 and provide the requested information to the following address: Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education, 300 Sower Boulevard, Frankfort, KY 40601. The form can be found on the website at

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